With a specialised team of professionals, the FVE family offers our clients superb attention to detail when it comes to the roll-out of projects.

Accurate planning with a full team of project managers ensures personal care and devotion to each project, within budget and on time. Our information on roll-out of a project is transparent and shared with our clients to ensure a mutual understanding is achieved on time frames, costs and expectations.


Meet & Greet

With the support from top management, our dynamic business development team constantly seeks out new business opportunities. The journey with the FVE team begins with a meeting with our potential clients to better understand who they are and what their dreams, needs, financial commitments and timelines are. Our relationships are built through definitive and transparent communications that provide accurate results. The FVE Interiors team harmonise when the flow of client information outlines a level of transparency through all divisions, resulting in top quality deliverance on developing, designing and building our clients’ projects.


Deisgn & Develop

Our clients commission us because we are visionaries. We have the ability to translate dreams into reality. FVE Interiors with its design team stay ahead in the industry through the organisation’s investment and understanding of new products, materials, trends and suppliers. This allows us to apply this knowledge into our client’s designs, resulting in dynamic standalone and highly bespoke projects. Our design service is inclusive of dynamic virtual solutions, sample and material specifications.


Procure & Build

FVE Interiors design to build! The success of the roll-out of a project lies in the attention to detail and accurate planning. With a dynamically structured procurement and financial division, FVE has the ability to processes all financials of any design formulated within in FVE Interiors for our clients. We adhere to our clients’ budgets and are respectful over build timelines and transparent financial communication towards our clients. With a team of dedicated project managers, we ensure accurate and personal care in the building of our clients’ projects with onsite management being key to the control and roll-out against well-structured schedules, delivering top quality projects.