Art-Deco inspired spaces

Design Studio has renovated an art deco building in central London to create a luxurious members-only work and well being destination that aims to combine the benefits and amenities of a members’ club with co-working offices.

Called Mortimer House, the 2,900-square-metre members’ club is located in a seven-storey block on Mortimer Street in the Fitzrovia area, and includes co-working spaces, bars, and lounges.

With a focus on well being and fitness, the top floor hosts a yoga and pilates studio and a meditation room, while a gym is housed in the basement.

The building, which had been been used as an office since the 1970s needed to be completely gutted before work began. A new elevator core was inserted and two new balconies were added to the top two floors.

The architects uncovered original wooden floors in the bar and lounge spaces and an original terrazzo floor in the central stairwell where the original bannister was also restored. In the entrance lobby, an intricate mosaic has been mended and restored.

Inspired by the building’s art deco heritage, the interiors feature original wooden floors, marble counters, oak-paneled walls, exposed terracotta ceilings, brass light fittings and cane doors. Walls are painted in dusty pinks, greens and blues in keeping with the colours of the era.

The concept of the club is based upon the renowned “hierarchy of needs” developed by American psychologist Abraham Maslow. It teaches that people have lower order needs that in general must be fulfilled before high order needs can be satisfied. The process of fulfilling these needs leads to self actualisation.

The hierarchy is applied to each of the floors: physicological needs are fulfilled in the restaurant on the ground floor where a Mediterranean restaurant with a separate entrance is open to the public.

Food is served from an open chefs counter while a plant-filled conservatory with a communal table can also function as a private dining room.